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The night before my flight to Paris, I couldn’t sleep. The many photographs taken by friends who went for holidays just kept my imagination ran wild. And the many articles that I have read in magazines just made me too excited to even be sleepy. If only you could see me lying on the bed trying to sleep, in the dark, with a very wide grin from ear to ear…

Arriving at the Charles de Gaulle airport, I was ecstatic - in every sense of the word. It was just impossible to describe the feeling. “I am here. I am in France!” There were just no words good enough to form a sentence. The first thing that strikes me was the spaceship-like design of the airport. Being a sucker for architecture, I just loved it although the couple behind me refers to it as an ‘old army base’ as I overheard while the plane was taxiing.

Out of the plane, I was even more excited riding the moving walkway to reach the main terminal building in a tube that reminded me of the ones found in Aquariums. It was more a conveyor belt to me rather than the normal sturdy metal ones. More so because it was bouncy. That was fun. And this feeling was just at the airport…

Not having a sleep the night before and staying awake throughout the 13 hours midnight flight the next day, I felt very tired. So, I decided to take a taxi to Paris. The original plan was to be more adventurous by taking the bus. The 45 minutes journey to the city cost about 50 Euros. Quite expensive, but I needed it.

Closer to Paris, the traffic got heavier and it gave me more time to enjoy the scenery. On a normal working day, I would be cursing any jam on the road, but today is not a normal day. Today is my first day in France! I was smiling as the taxi stopped several times, caused by the jam. It gave me time to snap, snap, snap some photos.

Finally, I reached the city and the feeling was ten times the one at the airport. Again, the architecture. My God, I love this city. I could get orgasm by just looking at the wrought iron balconies. The buildings - I was breathless. I can die tomorrow feeling contented.

Paris has many nicknames, but its most famous is "The City of Lights" (La Ville-lumière). It is situated on the River Seine in northern France, at the heart of the Île-de-France region ("Région Parisienne").

Dumped my luggage in the room, I stormed out of the hotel after a quick face wash. No time wasted here, my friends. It was amazing that the tiredness and sleepiness were gone! The nice double bed kept calling but my eagerness to explore Paris was much stronger. At 9 am in the morning, I was already on the streets inhaling every second of Paris into my lungs. Even in the early morning, without the night lights, Paris was romantic. My hotel which was on Rue des Capucines, was right smack in the city.

Just a minute walking from the hotel, I found myself at Place Vendome where big names in high-jewellery were located. You can find Boucheron, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Chaumet, Chanel, Mauboussin and many others side by side at one place. Place Vendome also houses the Hotel Ritz Paris where Coco Chanel made her home for over 30 years. Hotel Ritz Paris was also made famous by the unfortunate crashed in the nearby Pont de l'Alma road tunnel involving Diana and Dodi. The hotel was the last venue where they were seen - happy and alive. Staring at the hotel from the base of the column right in the centre of the square, I felt sad.

May god bless their souls..

To be continued….

Do You Think that Paid Survey Online are All scams?

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Joseph Jordan

Surveys are standardized to ensure reliability, generalizability, and validity (see quantitative marketing research). Surveys are a mixture of science and art, and a good researcher will save their cost many times over by knowing how to ask the correct questions. Surveys are flexible in the sense that a wide range of information can be collected.

A survey may focus on opinions or factual information depending on its purpose, and many surveys involve administering questions to individuals. Serial surveys are those which repeat the same questions at different points in time, producing time-series data. Structured surveys, particularly those with closed ended questions, may have low validity when researching affective variables.

There are several uses of the word survey, relating to two primary meanings: surveys to record the position of items or fixed points on Earth and beyond, such as astronomical surveys, bird surveys, and the broad field of land surveying; and statistical surveys estimating the number of people or other items, such as animals, organisations, or messages. Statistical surveys focus more on establishing the numbers or proportions of items than their position. Sample surveys collect information on only a sample from the population, in contrast to censuses.

Survey helps you succeed because: It's Revealing Gain insights into what motivates your customers or members. The advantages of survey techniques include: It is an efficient way of collecting information from a large number of respondents. Disadvantages of survey techniques include the dependency on subjects motivation, honesty, memory, and ability to respond.

Usually, Data are presented by geographic area, industry, firm size, and legal form of organization.

The published data include number of firms, sales and receipts, paid, employees and annual payroll. There is an economy in data collection due to the focus provided by standardized questions. If you are creating a paper survey, you also want to make it easy for your data entry personnel. Using the right edge is also easiest for data entry. It also slows the data entry process when working with paper questionnaires.

Paid Surveys Online

Online surveys are not all scams and are in fact run by legitimate market research companies who are happy to pay you for your honest opinions. Brand Institute is a leading online market research firm dedicated to the strategic and innovative development of brand naming and identity solutions.

You will see that majority of the paid survey sites accept members from USA and Canada only. Once you join a survey site, you need to confirm your email address and then complete your profiles at the survey site. When a new survey is in progress, you will be notified by email if you qualify for that survey.

Companies need your opinions to improve their products and services, and in return you get paid for surveys in your spare time. Everybody has an opinion and now you can get paid to share yours through online surveys. And, before you know it, you too can cash-in on the online market research trend, getting paid to let your valuable opinions be known to some of the most recognizable businesses worldwide.

You can visit fun and exciting websites and fill out free paid surveys for cold, hard cash and even great prizes. Some paid survey sites enter you into sweepstakes where you can earn more money. Paid surveys are sent by market research companies to their panel members in order to conduct research for large companies.

Paid surveys are a great work from home opportunity to make some extra money in your spare time. Paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs have been a springboard for me. Paid surveys are perfect for all students, stay-at-home moms, and. The published data include number of firms, sales and receipts, paid, employees and annual payroll.

The most difficult part about making money with paid surveys was finding an extensive list of legitimate companies out of all the market research programs on the Net. Most of the reputed paid survey sites are online divisions of market research companies. Join as many paid survey sites as possible to maximize your earnings.

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Using Google Adwords to Drive Traffic to your Website

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Highly targeted traffic is one of the most important entities in the internet universe. Any website owner or administrator recognizes the importance of driving traffic to a website. The success of any website does not rely entirely on the site itself. You may have a terrific idea for a website, offer an excellent product or service, or have an exceptionally designed site with superb content, but if you do not use the right strategies to advertise, your site would not attract the high traffic you need. Attracting targeted traffic is a task that should be taken seriously for any site to succeed or make a profit. Fortunately, there are internet-marketing tools that help the website marketer to drive traffic to his website. One of the most significant, and effective, of these tools is Google's Adwords. Adwords is one of Google's advertising services. How does Google Adwords work? Google is the largest search engine on the web receiving over 200 million queries each day through its various services. As Google is the most popular search engine today, webmasters are keen on having their websites achieve a higher ranking in the search engine results it provides. A high ranking can mean high traffic for that website. The search engine results page is also a great venue for advertisers to promote a product or service through ads and links. Consequently, Google launched its Adwords service, as a way for businesses to advertise products and services to a targeted audience. Google Adwords can guarantee instant traffic. In this service, Google displays relevant text based ads within its search engine results page termed as "Sponsored Links". Whenever a particular keyword is searched on, these relevant links appear in a separate section giving excellent exposure to the sites listed. How do you use Google Adwords? First, you have to open an account with the Google Adwords Service. Then, you should indicate your target language and country. This is important because you would not want your products advertised in countries where your product or service cannot be sold. Afterwards, you should now create an ad group. This involves designing the ad, selecting keywords and determining maximum cost per click that you are willing to spend and defining bid amounts. The most important step in creating a successful Adwords campaign is selecting an effective title tag that will catch the attention of your target audience. The title tag, generally a short phrase, is the most important part of your Adwords campaign so make sure that it is attractive and catchy. You should describe the website clearly and accurately. The most effective advertising conveys a clear message to the target audience. With a clear message, you will be attracting qualified leads, which can eventually convert to sale. Thus, the importance of selecting the right keywords cannot be overemphasized. There are keyword variations you can adapt to reach more prospects. Using these varieties, misspellings and derivatives can help increase the chance of your ads being served. Broad match is targeting keywords in a loosely defined manner. Here, the ads appear based on the keywords that have been queried by other users as opposed to exact match, which calls for the keyword to match the query exactly. Meanwhile, a keyword phrase set to phrase match will only appear when the exact phrase is searched on. A negative keyword is helpful in filtering unrelated pages. After you have decided on what title tag to use in your ad, you must now define a budget in order to maximize exposure. Google Adwords recommend a daily budget for each campaign. However, you should determine a budget that is suitable and affordable. You should also determine the maximum cost per click. Google will offer a recommended cost per click, but you do not have to stick with this. Usually, a number one position is not ideal as it can also attract unwanted traffic and useless clicks. A number two position is more preferred as it can filter useless clicks and provide traffic with a higher conversion rate. To conclude, Google Adwords is an excellent strategy and tool in giving your site maximum exposure. Nevertheless, Google Adwords should not be your sole advertising campaign. It will definitely help you find the all-important, highly targeted traffic you need. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (strictly speaking: vascular pressure) refers to the force exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels, and constitutes one of the principal vital signs. The pressure of the circulating blood decreases as blood moves through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins; the term blood pressure generally refers to arterial pressure, i.e., the pressure in the larger arteries, arteries being the blood vessels which take blood away from the heart. Arterial pressure is most commonly measured via a sphygmomanometer, which uses the height of a column of mercury to reflect the circulating pressure (see Non-invasive measurement). Although many modern vascular pressure devices no longer use mercury, vascular pressure values are still universally reported in millimetres of mercury (mmHg).The systolic arterial pressure is defined as the peak pressure in the arteries, which occurs near the beginning of the cardiac cycle; the diastolic arterial pressure is the lowest pressure (at the resting phase of the cardiac cycle). The average pressure throughout the cardiac cycle is reported as mean arterial pressure; the pulse pressure reflects the difference between the maximum and minimum pressures measured.Typical values for a resting, healthy adult human are approximately 120 mmHg (16 kPa) systolic and 80 mmHg (11 kPa) diastolic (written as 120/80 mmHg, and spoken as "one twenty over eighty") with large individual variations. These measures of arterial pressure are not static, but undergo natural variations from one heartbeat to another and throughout the day (in a circadian rhythm); they also change in response to stress, nutritional factors, drugs, or disease. Hypertension refers to arterial pressure being abnormally high, as opposed to hypotension, when it is abnormally low. Along with body temperature, blood pressure measurements are the most commonly measured physiological parameters.For more information visit:Hypercet


Acne is a very common skin disorder that is very much despised of by everyone. It happens more often in teenagers but may aslo affect people of all ages. Although usually it slows down and gone upon reaching the age of 30 but it is not uncommon for people of older ages to still get break outs even up to the age of 50.

Basically, acne is cause by the clogging of glands that produce skin oil. The result is the build up of sebum that causes infection and inflamation.

Occurance of breakouts is more evident in teenagers especially during the ages of puberty when hormones increase in both males and females. Increase in hormones during pregnancy and 2-7 days before the priod starts for the females is also very normal in young girls and adults that have blemish free skin otherwise.

Other factors that could contribute towards the appearance of acne are, stress, anxiety, greasy makeup, starting or stopping of birth control pills and hereditaray among others. Hard scrubbing, humidity and polution and squeezing of pimples will only make them worse.

So the best solution for acne-prone skin is to always keep it clean. Use mild cleanser in the morning and evening religiously. After a heavy workout, it is also recommended as the skin tends to produce more oil after such activity. Never touch your face for prupose other than cleansing it, if thats possible. Our hands are known to be never free from bacteria 99% of the time. Squeezing, pinching and picking will also leave dark spots on skin.

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